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We are a non-profit organization that is non-partisan and religiously independent. We work for the inclusion of all people, regardless of age, gender, disability, race, ethnicity, origin, religion or economic or other status, in social, economic, and political life. We are the organizer of Sweden’s most important meeting venue for socially engaged companies, organizations, civil society, authorities, politicians, and citizens. We call this forum Järvaveckan. Visit the Järvaveckan site here.

Our purpose is to contribute to a society where diversity is a generally recognized strength. A society where everyone can participate and influence the development of society.

We contribute to ensuring that diversity on the labor market, in housing or at school creates opportunities and not limitations.

Contribute to more voices being heard so that more perspectives are known. Contribute to more curiosity, respect and empathy among people in Sweden and a society where everyone has the opportunity to influence their future and today’s glass ceiling for personal development has been shattered.

The biggest similarity between people is that we are all different. It is on that view of humanity that the goals of social sustainability and inclusion ultimately rest. Our conviction is that the way there must include open conversations that rest on knowledge of Swedish society and that are based on mutual respect. This belief underlies all our activities. We believe in openness as the way forward.

Our role is to be a force for new knowledge that stimulates people to broaden their perspectives on social issues and develop their view of themselves and others. A bridge building that encourages collaboration in the next stage.

Our operations are based on three orientations. Together, they must contribute to long-term change:

  • We organize meeting venues for open conversations. Enable for people to meet across all borders.
  • We initiate and spread new knowledge that provides necessary insights into Swedish society for enlightened conversations and public debate. Experts you turn to for new insights.
  • We carry out our own activities that support individual people in their development by discovering new realities and thus being able to break barriers. Thus we are agents of change that bring about renewal.

We’re active all over Sweden.