Рarіsa Khosravi


Entrepreneur with a demonstrated history of working in business development, branding, and leading non-profits. B.Sc in Political Science & Economics and BBA specializing in marketing.

Started my first business as a teenager writing about inequalities and social injustice online, and have since then built a track record of business endeavors ranging from a street style fashion platform to healthy sweets, to my latest project – a mobile application set out to make the food industry a cleaner and more sustainable one.

I have participated in and moderated many panel discussions in Sweden. I am passionate about social sustainability and development, empowering youth, (cyber) security policy, and international politics. I also speak about bootstrapping digital communication and marketing, as well as reaching out to Generation Y and Z using alternative, creative strategies.

Today, you can find me at Hallvarsson & Halvarsson. Don’t hesitate to get in touch. Always happy to meet new people and chat!